Philips CarePoint Resident Safety System

Enhancing community management and resident care

Why CarePoint

Designed for flexibility and convenience, the CarePoint system allows you to design a custom solution combining several connected technologies to tailored to your organization’s needs meet the individual and enterprise-wide needs of executives at senior living communities– with options including records management, controlled access, wander management, smoke detection alerts and more. As your community changes or grows, the system can easily be modified to accommodate your evolving needs.

CarePoint is powered by the SmartCare software that oversees and processes a multitude of functions with speed and precision. The system employs a network “backbone” to provide call coverage over an entire community, indoors and out, with multiple wireless receivers, and where applicable links strategically placed throughout the campus. When help is needed, calls enter the system through a receiver close to the resident, allowing CarePoint to indicate the resident’s general location so staff can respond and provide assistance quickly.

By enhancing piece of mind for seniors, their families and your senior living residence staff, Philips delivers emergency call system solutions from Independent through to Assisted Living environments. Philips Emergency Call Systems address many aspects of residents health and well-being allowing them to continue with their daily activities with confidence.

Advanced Fall Detection and Emergency Call

Advanced Fall Detection and Emergency Call

AutoAlert is the most widely adopted fall detection device in the industry with the ability to automatically alert staff that a resident has fallen.

Controlled Access Wander Management

Controlled Access/Wander Management

Helps those in the community with a cognitive impairment to stay safe.
Emergency Call coverage inside or outside the Senior Living Residence

Helps those in the community with a cognitive impairment to stay safe.

In addition to building-wide coverage, mobile solutions are available to access help when residents are away from the Residence.
Maximize Staff Effectiveness

Maximize Staff Effectiveness

Access to comprehensive resident and system information reporting enables staff to stay fully informed and work more efficiently when it comes to managing alerts from residents.

CarePoint Notifier: Easy-to-use staff communication on mobile devices

Boost staff communications through the CarePoint Notifier app, a new level of intelligent communication to enhance your residents’ safety. In addition to facilitating communications among your staff, the system provides on-demand notification capability, so you can quickly message staff at any time. In addition, you are provided with the data you need to focus on staff care for vulnerable residents and to identify areas for staff improvement and management efficiencies.

How it Works

The foundation of your CarePoint system solution is the Central Monitoring Station (CMS). SmartCare software receives and processes inputs from all points on your Senior Living campus, including alarms from residents, signals from a variety of peripherals, system related alerts and door status and potential wander activity notifications. SmartCare analyzes this information and with speed and precision communicates it to your staff. CarePoint deploys a wireless network backbone to provide a bubble of call coverage throughout an entire Senior Living campus – indoor and outside. Multiple wireless receivers and where applicable wireless links are strategically placed throughout the campus assisting staff to quickly determine call locations, in order to provide speedy response to residents wherever and whenever required.

The AutoAlert Advantage

The AutoAlert Fall Detection Help Button has the ability to automatically alert staff if a fall is detected, should the resident be unable to push their button to call for help. AutoAlert provides an added layer of protection, a distinct advantage when time is of the essence. More than 300,000 people across North America have chosen AutoAlert since its introduction in 2010.

Philips CarePoint 6.0 central monitoring software

The new Philips CarePoint 6.0 central monitoring software is the foundation of your resident safety system. The software receives and processes inputs from all points in your community, including alerts from residents, signals from devices and notifications about door activity and potential resident wandering. Wireless receivers and (where utilized), links are strategically placed throughout your community, inside and out, helping staff quickly determine residents’ call locations for rapid response. Customized to your requirements, the system can be easily upgraded to accommodate your changing needs and importantly, it can be configured to operate during power outages.

The Philips CarePoint 6.0 software powers the Philips CarePoint Notifier app to enhance staff communications, improve resident care and empower your management. Through Philips CarePoint Analytics reporting, the software aggregates Philips CarePoint Notifier app data into robust daily reports for your management review and enterprise roll-up reporting.

Philips CarePoint Notifier App

When a senior living community resident calls for help through the Philips CarePoint resident safety system, the Philips CarePoint Notifier app promptly broadcasts the alert to all assigned caregivers’ mobile devices. Using an intuitive display and touch screen, a caregiver can.

  • Accept the alert
  • Help the resident as needed
  • Post updates
  • Escalate the alert to request additional help or defer the alert to another caregiver

Other caregivers and managers are able to see all alert activity through the app and can use it to communicate with one another via text message, helping to improve care coordination among the care team. The wireless app can leverage your existing mobile devices. Once the resident has been helped, the Philips CarePoint Notifier app allows the caregiver to enter incident reasons and notes and then close the alert with a single touch on their handheld device, eliminating the need for staff to enter notes into a computer.

Data from the Philips CarePoint Notifier app can help you focus your staff’s care on vulnerable residents who may need additional oversight. The app’s audit trail of caregiver activity is incorporated into Philips CarePoint Analytics reports for your management review.

CarePoint System Components

Central Monitoring Station

The Central Monitoring Station (CMS) featuring SmartCare Software is the heart of the CarePoint System. It comprises of components that provide key functions and central control of the CarePoint system. The CMS provides redundant features that help maintain system functionality, and maximize reliability. The CMS receives and dispatches alerts and messages from all devices in the community and also allows caregivers and administrators to customize, monitor and manage the CarePoint System.

Central Monitoring Station - CarePoint System

System Backbone

The system backbone can be wireless or wired in series. It provides alarm buffering to ensure alarm delivery. The backbone is supervised and self checks and reports errors and can be configured to operate even during power outages.

Wireless Receiver

The wireless receiver picks up signals from residents’ help devices and passes them to the Central Monitoring Station to be dispatched to staff. Ceiling mounted, concealed antennae and small size provide an imperceptible installation.

Wireless Receiver - CarePoint System

Wireless Link

Wireless Links enable use of a wireless backbone. Placed with multiple wireless receivers the wireless link sends signals to a host link to pass alarms and data back to the Central Monitoring Station.

Outdoor receiver box

To provide CarePoint system coverage for residents when they are outdoors, a Weather-tight enclosure houses the outdoor receiver that acquires signals from all wireless help and monitoring devices throughout the community and transmits them to the CarePoint central monitoring station

Personal Help Buttons

Personal Help Buttons can be assigned to residents, enabling them to signal for help from any location on campus that is covered by the CarePoint System. All 7000 Series personal help buttons are waterproof and can be worn in the bath or shower.

7000 AutoAlert Help Button

AutoAlert is a smart pendant-style button that automatically sends an alarm to CarePoint if a fall is detected.

7000 AutoAlert Help Button - CarePoint System

7000 Personal Help Button

The 7000 Personal Help Button (PHB) is small and lightweight, to provide maximum comfort and flexibility. The attractive design reduces the stigma associated with wearing a personal help button and can be worn as a pendant with an adjustable breakaway neck cord or easily converted to wrist.

7000 Personal Help Button

Help Devices

All alert devices are wireless, fully supervised and simple to configure, relocate and maintain. Each device type uses reliable communications protocols to ensure that help calls are delivered to the CMS to be paired with resident data, and dispatched to staff.

Help Button with Call Acknowledge

Attractive, low maintenance help notification device is easy for senior to use and complements community décor and is well placed in common areas.

Help Button with Call Acknowledge - CarePoint System

Outdoor Help button

Fixed help device rated for use outdoors. This allows your community to cover walking paths and exterior community areas.

Outdoor Help button - CarePoint System

Call Cord with Reset Button

Wireless Nurse Call button with local reset for closed loop response. Call cords are available with 7 or 10 foot cords and are available either for flush or surface mount.

Call Cord with Reset Button - CarePoint System

Pull Cord

Pull cord is ideal for bathrooms and bedsides where help is frequently needed. Pull cords may be chosen in two styles and are available either for flush or surface mount.

Pull Cord - CarePoint System

Door and Window Devices

Universal Transmitter

A universal transmitter can be used for monitoring doors and windows throughout your community. Philips offers several types of monitors to detect when windows or screens have been opened. The universal transmitter can also be used as a check-in device.

Universal Transmitter - CarePoint System

Doorbell Annunciator

A doorbell annunciator can be used to notify staff members that someone is at the door. This can be especially useful for entrances that are locked but not staffed at all times.

Doorbell Annunciator - CarePoint System

Resident Check-in Devices

Check-in devices allow residents to provide notification that they are up and about each day. When check-in devices are activated, the CarePoint system records a log of that activation, so staff can generate a report to follow up with those who have not yet checked in.

Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor

Passive check-in device: when movement is detected, a signal is sent to the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) documenting the activity.

Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor - CarePoint System

Check-In Button

Active check-in device: when a resident presses the check-in button, a signal is sent to the CMS documenting the activity.

Check-In Button - CarePoint System

Resident Voice Communication

Voice Response Communicator

Based on Lifeline’s proven, senior-designed home communicators, the CarePoint Voice Response Communicator sets a new community voice response standard for resident safety and assessment. In the event of a resident alert, staff can dial the resident’s room from any telephone and the unit will automatically answer the incoming call. Staff can then assess the situation, comfort the resident and follow community response protocol accordingly. The CarePoint Voice Response Communicator can help to improve alert call response time and improve operational efficiency.

Staff Communication

Facilitate and optimize staff notifications and communications. Staff are kept informed of all Life Safety events via pager, two way radios or Spectralink wireless telephones.

Staff Pagers

Working throughout your community, alarms and notifications are dispatched according to customizable alert escalations. Available in several colors to allow easy assignment and identification by your staff.

Staff Pagers - CarePoint System

SpectraLink Interface Integrate SpectraLink phone systems with CarePoint to enable alarms to be viewed through your staff’s SpectraLink phones.

Controlled Access and Wander Management

The CarePoint resident safety system offers fully-integrated controlled access functionality, as well as wander management capability for those with cognitive impairment. Schedule the accessibility of community doors and selectively restrict access on a by-resident basis, all from the Central Monitoring Station. Know which doors were accessed when and have the peace of mind that certain doors cannot be accessed by residents or even staff when they shouldn’t be. Wander management is simple as well. Through complete integration, CarePoint leverages patented RoamAlert® technology.

Wandering and Fall Prevention Accessories

Floor mats, bed pads, and chair pads provide protection for your residents who are prone to falling or wandering. When the resident attempts to leave the bed or chair, or steps on the floor mat, CarePoint will alert the staff. An audible alarm is available or the devices can be used in silent mode.

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