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On the Go

Mobile Personal Emergency Response System. More than just a GPS Tracker.

If you lead an active lifestyle or simply need coverage both in and out of the home, our On the Go is small, easy to use, and delivers fast, 24/7 access to help at the press of a button.

  • GPS location tracking can find you quickly wherever you need assistance (1).
  • Fall detection technology can automatically place a call for help if a fall is detected (2).
  • The On the Go waterproof pendant includes a built-in speaker and microphone so you can talk directly with a trained Lifeline Response Associate when help is needed.(3)
  • Long-lasting battery (4).

On The Go is recommended for people who:

  • Frequently socialize outside of home
  • Don’t let frailties limit what they do
  • Are still active but may be becoming more frail / at risk for falls
  • Go out 3-4 times a week alone (i.e. volunteering, visiting friends, running errands, exercising)
  • Worry about their ability to access help outside their home in a medical emergency

“Words can barely express how much peace of mind this service has brought to me and my family since getting it. It has allowed me to live alone, in my own home, ever since my husband’s death years ago. A wonderful service.”

Thelma, Subscriber


“To the amazing Lifeline team, Thank you so very much for your kind attention to my dad, Jean Paul Hebert. We have had your service for many years now, since mom became ill. We thank you most sincerely.”

Denise, Caregiver


“The wireless service is perfect for someone like me who has a chronic illness. It lets me stay independent safely and it’s so wonderful not to have to worry about how I would get help if I have another unnoticed seizure.”

Nigel F., Subscriber

Nigel F.

I was concerned about discharging an elderly patient because she was quite frail. I recommended a medical alert service and she finally agreed. Soon after, I learned she had fallen down some stairs, struck her head and lost consciousness. Fortunately, she was able to press her Help Button. An ambulance arrived quickly and she avoided further injury. This is such a simple apparatus but it changes the outcome of otherwise catastrophic events.

Jaclyn, Emergency Room Geriatric Specialist

Emergency Room Geriatric Specialist

“A few years ago after my grandmother had fallen several times and was still living on her own we invested in Lifeline to ease our minds and hers. Lifeline makes us, as a family, feel safe and confident that our loved ones are always looked out for.”

Tamara Horton, Caregiver

Tamara Horton

"I’ve been a subscriber for a couple of years and it blows me away when people say they don’t need this service. Take it from me, you never know when you’ll need help. If and when you do need it, it’s great to have Lifeline.”

Lucy D., Subscriber

Lucy D.

"We have probably used Lifeline over the past year countless times and I have to say without fail Lifeline has been there for us in a very professional manner thus given me and my parents the confidence to go about our daily routines with without worry.”

Rod Murphy, Caregiver

Rod Murphy

System & Hardware

Lifeline medical alert systems offer dependable, convenient, and purpose-built technology. What does that mean to you? Just like how in the event of an emergency, you can get help quickly.

Lifeline On teh Go

Personal alert button

Wear the On the Go Button around your neck both inside and outside the home for access to help when you need it!

The On the Go emergency button for seniors is designed to automatically place a call for help if a fall is detected and you are unable to push your Help Button.

You may wear it in the bathtub or shower where falls often occur.

Rechargeable Battery
The battery lasts two to three days on a single charge – we recommend charging on a daily basis.

Airplane mode
The Button can be put in airplane mode for when you travel by plane.

All-in-one System
This single-piece system provides fast access to help whenever and wherever you need it.

More than a GPS Tracker

Superior Automatic Fall Detection

Fall detection technology can automatically call for help if it detects a fall—even if you can’t push the button.2

Location Technologies

On the Go features advanced location tracking including Advanced GPS so no matter where you are, we can get you the help you want.5

Two-way Voice Communication

Speak directly with a Lifeline Response Associate through you On the Go help button to have fast access to help on the go.

Uninterrupted Support

Since you can wear your Lifeline Help Button at all times, unlike a cell phone, it should always be easily within reach.

You Are in Charge

Choose whether our Response Centre dispatches a family member, close friend or emergency services when help is needed.

24/7 Response Centre

Our Canadian-based Response Centres are available 24/7, and staffed with professionally trained and caring Associates.

How On the Go Works

1. Summon help

Press your Mobile Help Button at any time. If you fall and can’t push your button – the fall detection feature can automatically call for help if it detects a fall— at home or on the go.2

2. Hear a reassuring voice

A caring Lifeline response associate will quickly access your personal profile and assess the situation.

3. Get located

Lifeline pinpoints your location on your mobile pendant. On the Go uses up to 4 technologies to determine where you are.1

4. Know help is on the way

Our response associate contacts a neighbour, loved one, or emergency services – based on your preferences – and will follow up to make sure help has arrived.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel across Canada with my On the Go?

Yes. If you are away more than one night, we recommend bringing your On the Go button with the charger. If you know in advance you will be travelling, let us know so we can set up a temporary profile and review what you need to do. Please notify us when you have reached your destination and always send a test call through.

Can I bring my On the Go button with me to travel outside Canada?

No. We cannot monitor On the Go subscribers outside Canada. Please refer to your Service Agreement for more information.

What if I take the plane with my On the Go button?

You will need to put your On the Go Mobile button in Sleep mode. This is outlined in your Instructions for Use.

How long will the charge last on my On the Go Mobile Medical Alert button?

The battery can last 2-3 days, based on the activity level. In general, we recommend that you charge your On the Go Mobile button daily if possible. Refer to the Instructions for Use for more information.

Is there a wrist version of On the Go?

No, not at this time.

What is the difference between waterproof and water resistant? What is the IP Rating?

Waterproof means the device can be submerged under water for a certain length of time up to a certain depth. Water resistance means the device can withstand small splashes of water, rain, sweat, etc.

If the Fall is detected, who do we contact first?

If the client is responsive, we will speak to them through the 2-way communicator to discuss what has happened and call responders/emergency services as needed. If the client is unresponsive, then we will try calling over the phone. If there is no answer over the phone, we will then call 911 then call the list of responders.

Other Lifeline Products

On the Go Mini

On the Go Mini is our sleekest, most compact and lightweight mobile offering that helps maintain independence by providing around-the-clock access to help at the press of a button.

On The Go with Wandering

Family members overseeing the care of a loved one who can live independently but also:

  • Has a tendency to wander
  • Gets lost easily
  • Gets confused in crowds
Lifeline base, wristband, and pendant


Our most affordable system. Get access to help 24/7 at the push of a button.

  • Use at home
  • Pendant or wristband
  • Two-way voice
Lifeline HomeSafe base & pendant

HomeSafe with Fall Detection

Can automatically call for help if it detects a fall.

  • Use at home
  • Pendant
  • Automatic Fall Detection