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Lifeline allows you to maintain your lifestyle with 24/7 access to help.


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On the Go

Mobile medical alert system with GPS gives you freedom to be safe while on the go.

  • Use away or at home
  • Automatic Fall Detection
  • 5 Locating technologies

On the Go Mini

On the Go Mini is our sleekest, most compact and lightweight mobile offering that helps maintain independence by providing around-the-clock access to help at the press of a button.

On The Go with Wandering

Family members overseeing the care of a loved one who can live independently but also:

  • Has a tendency to wander
  • Gets lost easily
  • Gets confused in crowds
Lifeline base, wristband, and pendant


Our most affordable system. Get access to help 24/7 at the push of a button.

  • Use at home
  • Pendant or wristband
  • Two-way voice
Lifeline HomeSafe base & pendant

HomeSafe with Fall Detection

Can automatically call for help if it detects a fall.

  • Use at home
  • Pendant
  • Automatic Fall Detection

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Lifeline’s 50th anniversary

Lifeline is proud to be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The brand was established in 1974 by gerontologist Dr. Andrew Dibner and his sociologist wife, Susan as a way to address the needs of older adults living alone who require help or urgent medical attention. The first medical alert system of its kind, Lifeline, grew from this idea and continued to build on its promise to deliver greater Peace of Mind, Reassurance, and Independence. Today, Lifeline has served more than 7.5 million people across North America and is the most widely recognized and trusted brand by seniors, family caregivers and healthcare professionals alike. Our reputation for offering innovative systems paired with the delivery of professional monitoring that is completely focused on the needs of seniors and patients has allowed Lifeline to stand apart in this growing market. While the Lifeline service has evolved over the last 50 years, one thing has remained constant: our mission to help older adults live their lives independently with confidence.

Lifeline Logo - 50th Year Anniversary

“Words can barely express how much peace of mind this service has brought to me and my family since getting it. It has allowed me to live alone, in my own home, ever since my husband’s death years ago. A wonderful service.”

Thelma, Subscriber


“To the amazing Lifeline team, Thank you so very much for your kind attention to my dad, Jean Paul Hebert. We have had your service for many years now, since mom became ill. We thank you most sincerely.”

Denise, Caregiver


“The wireless service is perfect for someone like me who has a chronic illness. It lets me stay independent safely and it’s so wonderful not to have to worry about how I would get help if I have another unnoticed seizure.”

Nigel F., Subscriber

Nigel F.

I was concerned about discharging an elderly patient because she was quite frail. I recommended a medical alert service and she finally agreed. Soon after, I learned she had fallen down some stairs, struck her head and lost consciousness. Fortunately, she was able to press her Help Button. An ambulance arrived quickly and she avoided further injury. This is such a simple apparatus but it changes the outcome of otherwise catastrophic events.

Jaclyn, Emergency Room Geriatric Specialist

Emergency Room Geriatric Specialist

“A few years ago after my grandmother had fallen several times and was still living on her own we invested in Lifeline to ease our minds and hers. Lifeline makes us, as a family, feel safe and confident that our loved ones are always looked out for.”

Tamara Horton, Caregiver

Tamara Horton

"I’ve been a subscriber for a couple of years and it blows me away when people say they don’t need this service. Take it from me, you never know when you’ll need help. If and when you do need it, it’s great to have Lifeline.”

Lucy D., Subscriber

Lucy D.

"We have probably used Lifeline over the past year countless times and I have to say without fail Lifeline has been there for us in a very professional manner thus given me and my parents the confidence to go about our daily routines with without worry.”

Rod Murphy, Caregiver

Rod Murphy

The Most Trusted Medical Alert Service in Canada

Over 7 million* people have counted on Lifeline to feel safe at home

Lifeline is an easy-to-use personal response service that lets you summon help any time of the day or night – even if you can’t speak. All you have to do is press your Help Button, worn on a wristband or pendant, and a trained Personal Response Associate will ensure you get help fast. That’s why Lifeline provides the #1 Medical Alert Service to offer you something else: peace of mind.

Dependability is key to peace of mind. That’s why doctors, hospitals, and professional caregivers trust our Medical Alert Service.

Only Lifeline offers Fall Detection – the most widely adopted fall detection in North America.

For an added layer of protection, Fall Detection lets us know if you need help – even if you can’t. Its superior technology is designed to automatically detect most falls1 – and achieve a low rate of false alarms – by distinguishing between actual falls and everyday activities like sitting, standing and reclining.

Over 30% of the time seniors experiencing a fall can’t or don’t push their button potentially due to unconsciousness or confusion.

Lifeline with Fall Detection has automatically detected over 200,000 falls that services requiring a button to be pushed might’ve missed.

At the heart of all of our services is a discrete call button, worn as a necklace or bracelet. It connects you or loved one to help in a case of a fall or an emergency 24/7. Our emergency button is paired with an in-home Communicator which acts as a speaker phone for two-way voice communication with our Response Centre. All calls go directly to the Lifeline-owned Response Centre in Canada. You can always be sure that your call will be answered by highly trained and caring Response Associates who will access your profile, contact the people you’ve identified, and request the help you want. Our Response Associates will even follow up to confirm that help has arrived.

Live independently at home with the Lifeline Medical Alert Service

This year 1.4 million people, 65 and older will fall. If you or a loved one experience a medical emergency, time is of the essence. That’s where Lifeline can help, connecting you to the right help for the situation, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the push of a button. Whether you need emergency services or just the assistance of a family member or friend to help you get back on your feet, we can help.

Confidence, reliability, and peace of mind are qualities that you deserve when caring for an elderly parent or a loved one, and they’re qualities that can be found with Lifeline.

Keeping seniors active with Lifeline’s mobile medical alert system

Ruth has been a Lifeline subscriber after she experienced a fall over 14 years ago. While Ruth has enjoyed the feeling of confidence and security her Lifeline button service provides, she always wanted to feel the same peace of mind when she left the house. As an active senior who volunteers at the local hospital, walks her dog, and runs her own errands, Ruth jumped at the chance to get our mobile medical alert service. Featuring location tracking technologies like GPS and fall detection, Lifeline’s mobile personal emergency response system gives seniors the assurance to get up and go while being protected by our 24/7, Canada-based response centre which protects more seniors than any other medical alert service.

Around the clock help is available so you can live worry free

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Lifeline medical alert service cost?

There is a monthly fee which includes the 24-hour monitoring and rental of the Lifeline equipment and a one-time activation fee. The monthly fee may vary depending on the equipment selected and/or program offering in your service area. With Lifeline, there are no hidden costs, and you can cancel at any time.

For pricing on the Lifeline programs nearest to you, simply call this toll-free number 1-866-801-1595.

We’ll be happy to provide everything you need to get the service for you or your loved one.

What is the role of a Responder? What does a Responder do?

As a Responder, you are a very important part of the Lifeline network. When the subscriber presses their Help Button to signal for help, our Response Centre will determine whether your assistance may be needed and call you with instructions on what we need you to do to help your loved one or friend.

Can I use the Help button outside?

This depends on the type of Lifeline service you have:

HomeSafe: Depending on the range of your Help Button, you may be able to access help in the garden or yard of your home. However, it’s important to understand your coverage area. Conducting a range test will help you to determine whether your HomeSafe button also works on your property/outside of your house. Watch our informational video on conducting a range test here: How to Conduct a Range Test

On the Go: Uses a third-party cellular provider and is designed for use anywhere across Canada. Provided your On the Go button has access to a third-party cellular network provider, you can access help 24/7 if you have a fall or need medical assistance

What does my monthly Lifeline invoice cover?

Your invoice outlines the monthly fee for your Lifeline which includes rental of the equipment, your 24/7 monitoring, and any applicable taxes.

How do I adjust the neck cord?

The neck cord can be shortened or lengthened using the following process:

To shorten: With a tab between your first finger and thumb of each hand, slide both tabs apart in line with your shoulders.
shorten the neck cord

To lengthen: Pull one strand off the neck cord while sliding the tab to the back. Repeat on the other side.
lengthen the neck cord

I need to adjust the neck cord. Can I tie a knot in it?

No. You should never tie a knot in the neck cord as it could prevent the break-away feature from working properly and creates a risk of strangulation. The neck cord can be adjusted by pulling on the adjustment tabs located on each side of the neck cord.

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