Philips Blue Willow - Cloud-Based Resident Safety & Community Management

Philips Cares for Senior Living provides a revolutionary new level of resident care

The Philips Cares for Senior Living resident safety system gives senior living operators enhanced visibility into their communities and a sophisticated set of tools to help increase staff efficiency, mitigate risk and deliver better overall resident care. The system uses Blue Willow technology and a cloud-based platform that includes real-time resident locating, wander management, fall detection alerts, mobile communications and advanced analytics that provide actionable insights to help improve resident safety.

Real-time location and wander management

Real-time location allows you to see where residents and staff are at any moment. Using a next-generation wander management system, you can create and schedule personalized wander boundaries for individual residents and care groups.

Automatic fall detection alerts and help requests

State-of-the-art wearables with advanced algorithms help detect resident falls1. Residents and staff can call for help when they need it. Staff can respond to help requests right away on virtually any device, and know exactly where to go.

Advanced analytics and reporting

Innovative tools like Auto-Witness™ and Breadcrumb Trails™ use location-based analytics to analyze resident incidents. Alerts are sent automatically to staff the moment incidents occur, on any device and reports are auto-saved.

Future-proof cloud platform

Cloud-based technology that can seamlessly push updates and new functionality through the cloud to your system, which can be operated from any desktop, as well as from virtually any iOS or Android mobile device. The platform is also standards-based, which enables the support of technology acceleration and future-proofs your community.

Third-party integrations

The Philips Cares for Senior Living platform is designed to integrate with third-party systems and devices, such as door lock and access control systems. This seamless integration further expands the capabilities of the platform, while streamlining operational workflows.

Superior staff and family communications

Mobile announcements keep staff connected with their community and mobile chat allows staff and management to quickly communicate. Family members have an insight into their loved one’s health status and daily activity through the Family Wellness Dashboard.

Take the right steps toward a resident and staff solution that can improve care all day, every day

Benefits to Senior Living Operators

Operator Challenges: Operators of senior living communities must monitor and manage caregiver staff to ensure quality care for their residents. Increased workload, reporting requirements and high caregiver turnover may impact care.

Solution: An easy-to-use cloud-based system with advanced analytics and trend reporting, which may provide:

  • Staffing management and reduced overtime
  • Workflow and reporting automation
  • Clear view of staff at all times
  • Potential to increase workforce efficiency
  • Potential to improve risk management and overall ROI

Benefits to Caregiving Staff

Caregiving Challenges: Caregivers in senior living communities are facing increasing resident-to-caregiver ratios, leading to a heavier workload and workplace stress.

Solution: Wearables used by both staff and residents combined with an easy-to-use community dashboard, may provide:

  • Clear view of residents at all times
  • Proximity alerts to staff and other residents
  • Automated reporting process
  • Potential to improve work environments and decrease staff stress
  • Potential to improve staff rotation efficiency

Benefits to Residents & Families

Resident Challenges: When choosing a senior living community, family members are looking for a safe and secure environment that allows their loved ones to remain independent during the aging journey.

Solution: Comfortable, lightweight wearables with automatic fall detection and wander management, may provide:

  • Private 24/7 monitoring
  • Fall detection and wander management
  • Enhanced feeling of security for residents
  • Prolonged senior independence
  • Family peace of mind through a wellness portal

Philips Cares for Senior Living Platform

An end-to-end resident and staff safety solution with specially designed wearable devices, receivers and a SaaS-delivered cloud platform.

Software Products

Community dashboard

Provides community operators a clear view of resident activity with 24/7 real-time security and safety monitoring.

  • Advanced analytics for trends and reports
  • Real-time location on maps of the community
  • User-friendly interface
  • Event profiles and reports
  • Staff are notified about resident events through a ‘digital bulletin board’
  • Administrators can communicate with mobile staff from their computers
  • Alert integration to both Android and iOS devices
  • Staff can message each other using their own smartphones

Family Wellness dashboard

Provides families with a comprehensive view into their loved one’s daily activity and safety, regardless of their proximity to the community.

  • Improved access to vital information
  • Daily updates on residents activity
  • Shows step counts and movements
  • Accessible through desktop or mobile devices
  • Can provide peace of mind for families

Hardware products

BlueBand Wearables

Comfortable wearable bands can offer independence through:

  • Advanced automatic fall detection1
  • Sophisticated deep-learning algorithms
  • Notifications and alerts directly to care staff
  • “Help me” button
  • Determines Real time location
  • Activity monitoring

BlueHub Receiver

Wireless devices that work with Philips BlueBand wearables to send data to the cloud platform, providing:

  • High-accuracy location
  • Wireless connectivity to many devices
  • Freedom of movement
  • Integration with existing WiFi

Take the right steps toward a resident and staff solution that improves care all day, every day

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[1] Philips Cares for Senior Living technology does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their button when they need help.
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