Lifeline is the perfect complement for MedicAlert

When a medical emergency strikes, Philips Lifeline helps first responders get to your side quickly

In a medical emergency, your MedicAlert ID can provide first responders with important information about your health condition to help them give you the care you need.

But how will those first responders get to your side in the first place? Your MedicAlert ID can’t make a call for help and only provides first responders with information once they are on-site and call its 1-800 phone number.

That’s why the Lifeline medical alert service is such a valuable complement to your MedicAlert ID, as well as being a respected and potentially lifesaving service on its own.

What is Lifeline?

Lifeline is Canada’s leading medical alert service and is trusted by thousands of healthcare professionals across the country. We have been providing dedicated services to older adults and people with chronic health conditions for over 45 years.

With Lifeline, you wear an attractive pendant or wristband with a Help Button that you can press at any time of the day or night if you need medical assistance, or even just a helping hand from a family member or friend. The Help Button uses two-way voice communication to connect you with a Canadian Philips Lifeline Response Centre manned by caring, highly-trained Associates who will get you the help you need quickly.

Innovation and customer service that help you live independently with greater peace of mind

Philips Lifeline is renowned for its innovative, user-friendly services that provide newfound confidence and peace of mind with ease and simplicity.

Lifeline is also ranked very highly for its customer service. Our dedicated staff have earned an unequalled positive customer service rating of 97% from our subscribers.1

Better together

If you are thinking about becoming a MedicAlert subscriber, consider adding an important extra layer of security by signing up for the Lifeline medical alert service. We have a solution for every budget, and there are never any longterm contracts to sign or equipment to buy.

How MedicAlert and Lifeline work together