Whether you have identified the personal need for a fall detection device or it has been recommended by your doctor or loved one, choosing the right option can be overwhelming. There are several brands on the market, each with varying price ranges and additional features. The important thing to note is that the device you choose needs to be reliable, easy to operate, and help prevent long-term injuries associated with falls.

    In this guide, we’ll review the best fall detection devices Lifeline Canada has to offer. Our technology has been helping seniors for more than 40 years, and in that time, we have developed some of the leading options in fall detection.

    How Fall Detection Devices Work

    Fall detection devices are designed to prevent the long-term injuries associated with falls. While they can’t prevent falls from occurring, they play a vital role in quickly connecting the user with the necessary support, potentially reducing the need for medical intervention.

    Each device uses its own technology, but most are equipped with accelerometer sensors. These sensors track the user’s movements, including speed and orientation, to detect falls accurately. At Lifeline Canada, our devices can call for help even if the wearer is unable to press the help button. 

    Reflecting on the importance of such devices, Statistics Canada’s Canadian Community Health Survey from 2017/18 revealed that 5.8% of those aged 65 or older living in household residences reported injuries from falls in the past 12 months. With nearly 1 in 5 Canadians now aged 65 or older, the likelihood of falls only increases, requiring an adequate device to ensure injuries like fractures and head trauma don’t become more severe.

    Top 3 Fall Detection Devices for Seniors

    With three of the best fall detection devices to choose from, Lifeline Canada is dedicated to comprehensive devices, each tailored to meet various lifestyle needs and ensuring around-the-clock connectivity to our Canadian-based response centre.


    On The Go

    On The Go is the perfect ally for those with active or out-of-the-house lifestyles. This device combines safety and mobility.

    • Ideal for: Active seniors who are frequently on the move, whether it’s for social gatherings, daily errands, exercise, or community service.
    • System: Adjustable pendant with a personal alert button.
    • Key Features:
      • Automatic fall detection.
      • Advanced GPS locator for precise location tracking.
      • Water-resistant, shower-safe design.
      • Nationwide coverage with airplane mode for travel.

    HomeSafe Standard device by Lifeline Canada

    HomeSafe Standard

    HomeSafe Standard is designed to be a reliable safeguard for individuals within the comfort of their own homes. This device is a beacon of security, providing wearers with immediate support in emergencies.

    • Ideal for: Those dealing with chronic conditions, mobility challenges, visual impairments, or in the phase of recovery post-hospitalization.
    • System: A central in-home communicator paired with an alert pendant or wristband.
    •  Key Features: 
      • Direct connection to our response centre in emergencies.
      • Two-way voice communication for immediate assistance.

    HomeSafe with fall detection device blue button

    HomeSafe with Fall Detection

    For added peace of mind at home, many choose our HomeSafe with Fall Detection option. This device ingeniously merges the advanced detection technology of our On The Go system with the robust security offered by our HomeSafe Standard.

    • Ideal for: Those who are at higher risk of falls, are recovering from a hospital stay, or have chronic conditions, visual impairments, or mobility concerns.
    • System: In-home communicator paired with a personal alert pendant.
    • Key Features:
      • Integrates On The Go’s fall detection with HomeSafe Standard’s security.
      • Automatic call for help, even if the wearer is unable to press the alert button.

    Additional Services and Devices

    While fall detection devices are essential to promote independence as we age, Lifeline Canada offers other resources to promote security and safety in a thoughtful and simplistic way.

    Open MedReady Medication Dispenser

    MedReady Medication Dispenser

    Keeping up with medication schedules, including doses and timings, can be a challenge. With the MedReady Dispenser, the dispenses are preloaded and released at the designated time, reducing the margin for error in the case of missed or repeat doses.

    • Ideal for: Those who have complicated medication regimens, are concerned about medication mistakes, or have a tendency to forget taking their medications.
    • Device: The MedReady Device comes with customizable dosing templates and features an audible alarm to remind you of medication times.
    • Additional features: Backup battery ensures distribution on time, along with additional reminders via phone, email and text, and caregivers can be notified if a dose is missed.

    A senior smiling while on the phone.

    Check-In Calls

    Available for Lifeline subscribers and ideal for their caregivers, our check-in call service connects with your loved one while you are away to ensure all is well. If they need help during these calls, the responder can ensure they receive the emergency care they need while contacting the caregiver.

    • Ideal for: Those who have caregivers leaving on business or vacation for a period of time or those who are recently discharged from the hospital and require additional monitoring. 
    • Service: A Personal Response Associate reaches out to your loved one. These calls are more than just a routine check; they’re warm, friendly conversations that focus on your loved one’s well-being.
    • Additional features: One to three calls can be scheduled daily at times of the caregiver’s choosing.

    Buying Guide & Tips

    Selecting the ideal fall detection device is a critical decision that requires careful consideration of several key factors. It’s not just about the device; it’s about ensuring safety, comfort, and reliability for the wearer.

    • Look for devices with precise fall detection capabilities and that ensure timely alerts during emergencies. 
    • Opt for comfortable, lightweight wearables with long-lasting battery life and water resistance, enabling seniors to wear them throughout the day, even during activities like showering.
    • Consider devices with easy activation methods and 24/7 monitoring servicesthat automatically alert emergency contacts or medical services when a fall is detected. 
    • Assess connectivity range and subscription costs and research extensively by reading reviews and consulting healthcare providers for recommendations.

    Lifeline Canada is Here to Help

    At Lifeline Canada, we consider the above factors carefully regarding our fall detection devices. If you or a loved one is dealing with particular needs and require advice on which of our various models or additional offerings to choose from, connect with us. We’re happy to walk you through specific recommendations and support the transition to a more independent and secure lifestyle.


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