If you’re looking for some fun, engaging activities to keep your mind active and body moving, we’ve got some ideas.

    5 Activity Ideas for Active Seniors

    1. Enjoy leisurely walks.

    Walks are one of the best free activity ideas for seniors. Walking is a low-impact exercise that’s easy on the joints and can be done at any pace in almost any place – indoors or out! In addition, it’s a great way to socialize and connect with others. Many malls host walking groups and local organizations host outdoor group walks and hikes for various skill levels. Before beginning a walking program, talk to your healthcare professional.

    2. Get your hands dirty with gardening.

    Gardening is a gentle activity easily tailored to individual abilities. Engaging with nature provides many benefits for our minds and bodies. Digging in the dirt releases serotonin, a powerful mood booster. Helping things grow gives a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, too. It can be a meditative solo practice or a social event. Whether working side-by-side in a community garden or exchanging tips with a neighbor, gardening can help you stay connected to the people in your life.

    3. Ready? Set? Bake!

    You don’t have to be a super-baker like the people on the TV competition shows to benefit from baking. Measuring and mixing ingredients and shaping the dough requires both mental calculations and physical dexterity. It’s fun to revisit old favorites and try new recipes. The delicious aromas are also soothing! It might just be the perfect recipe for good health and happiness.

    4. Take up photography.

    Spring is a time of rebirth and growth, making it the perfect time to start a new photography project. It’s never been easier – or more affordable – to capture the first blooms of spring, document the return of wildlife, and snap vistas on trips or visits with family and friends. Use the images to create slide shows or make prints to display. Creative projects like photography help keep our brains healthy, too.

    5. Spark joy with spring cleaning.

    Decluttering gets us moving and makes our homes safer. During our lives, we accumulate loads of possessions. Spring is a great time to declutter. Put on some good music and take a critical eye to the items in your home. Invite a friend or family member to help (you can also engage a professional to help!). Decluttering makes your living space more pleasant and can reduce the risk of injury from trips and falls.

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