External Monitoring

Outsourced emergency call system

Outsourced monitoring through a Lifeline Response Centre

Lifeline provides 24 hour around the clock monitoring from its externally operated Response Centre. Our Operators play a significant role in the delivery of effective, responsive and caring service which is one of the key factors that sets us apart from other external monitoring providers.

  • Lifeline is an easy-to-use personal response service that lets residents summon help any time of the day or night – even if they cannot speak. All residents need to do is press their Personal Help Button (PHB), worn on a wristband or pendant and a trained Personal Response Associate will ensure they get help fast.

  • Lifeline is the #1 Medical Alert Service to offer your residents something else: peace of mind.

  • Dependability is key to peace of mind. That’s why Senior Living Providers trust our Medical Alert Service.

  • All calls go directly to a Lifeline-owned Response Centre in Canada. Residents can always be assured their calls will be answered by highly trained and caring Response Associates who will get residents the help they need. Our Response Associates will even follow up to confirm that help has arrived.

Business Models

Owners/Operators of a NEW or EXISTING Senior Living Building undertake some administrative aspects of service provision to all or a group of residents in a congregate setting. With two cost effective options available, Lifeline monitoring is a flexible solution for Senior Living communities.

Two different monitoring options incorporating “discounted/bulk” pricing are available:

  1. The first monitoring option is referred to as a Product and Service Fee (PSF) Agreement and covers Equipment Rental plus monthly monitoring charges.
  2. The second monitoring option is referred to as a Lifeline (LMS) Monitoring Service Agreement and covers Equipment Purchase plus monthly monitoring charges.

Key Features

  • Closed Loop Protocol – Alarm calls are not closed out until the resident gets the assistance they need

  • Two way voice communication between the resident and Lifeline – our Personal Response Associates are highly trained, able to quickly assess each call and send assistance. Our prompt, caring response and superior reliability sets Lifeline apart from other monitoring providers.

  • For an added layer of protection, Fall Detectors let us know if the resident needs help – even if they have fallen and cannot press their button. Its superior technology is designed to automatically detect most falls – and achieve a low rate of false alarms – by distinguishing between actual falls and everyday activities like sitting, standing and reclining.

  • Lifeline monitoring offers a comprehensive approach to monitoring residents using industry leading alarm protocols. All alarm calls are voice recorded and detailed notes are logged by Lifeline monitoring staff. Resident reports provide alarm monitoring details for each resident in the complex and can be accessed remotely through a web based interface.

  • Ease of installation. Simple installation using existing telephone lines and no special wiring is a major benefit. In addition, a wireless (cellular) communicator is now available in situations where the resident does not have a landline.

  • Lifeline communicators are designed for seniors, addressing the limitations that many seniors may have with vision, hearing and dexterity. Our Personal Help Buttons set industry standards and are lightweight, attractive and 100% waterproof.

For more information on senior living solutions, please e-mail Hilton East at: hilton.east@lifeline.ca