Life Assure (In-depth 2022 Review)

Many caregivers in Canada are looking at medical alert services so that their parent or aged loved one has a quick, easy way to get help if they fall or have a medical emergency. One of these services is Life Assure. In this review, we will give you some information about this service to make your decision easier. We will also tell you about a very good alternative.

Life Assure is a Canadian company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Medical alert services (sometimes called Personal Emergency Response Services or PERS) are their only business.

The company offers two levels of service for a monthly fee. Some features come with an additional cost.

“Classic Home” works in the home to provide 24/7 help when a button is pushed on a water-resistant pendant or wristband. Either one connects to a third-party monitoring centre through a base unit in the home with two-way voice communication through a landline or VoIP/cable. Fall detection is available for the pendant as an extra-cost option.

Life Assure’s “Premium Mobile Plus” service provides 24/7 help at the push of a button on a water-resistant pendant, inside or outside the home. The service is able to find the wearer’s location using one locating technology: GPS. The pendant comes with two-way voice communication. Fall detection is available for an additional cost. The pendant comes with a charging case and cable but the customer cannot wear the pendant while it is charging.

For an extra monthly fee, a “Protection Plan” is available for both services that provides support, repairs and a guarantee to keep your equipment in good working order.

Life Assure’s equipment is made for it by a third party. It also uses a third party call centre to answer help calls. Unfortunately, that call centre also handles burglar and security guard alarms, which call for different skills than helping seniors with medical issues. Calls are answered in English or French.

Life Assure’s equipment must be self-installed.

There is no equipment to buy and there are no long-term contracts.

What’s Life Assure missing?

Life Assure is a good product but it has several shortcomings:

  • Potential quality control issues with third party manufacturing and call monitoring: Life Assure does not manufacture its own products and delegates its help call monitoring to a company that also monitors burglar and security guard alarms, which are very different than help calls from seniors.
  • No home installation: The customer must install Life Assure’s product themselves or with telephone help.
  • Less accurate fall detection: Life Assure’s fall detection add-on measures movement in any direction, not just vertically. This potentially leads to many false alarms.
  • Only one locating technology is used for their mobile service: Life Assure’s Premium Mobile Plus service only uses GPS to locate a customer who needs of help. There are many situations where GPS won’t be able to locate your loved one, for example if the signal is blocked by large objects or dense materials.
  • Repairs and support: To receive equipment repairs or support, you must subscribe to Life Assure’s “Protection Plan”.
  • Languages: Life Assure only answers calls in English or French. This puts many people at a disadvantage in our increasingly multicultural society.
  • Mobile pendant cannot be worn while charging it: The help button pendant must be in a charging cradle plugged into a wall socket.
  • Only water-resistant: Life Assure’s help buttons are only water-resistant, not waterproof.
  • Business practices: Life Assure sometimes refers to itself in marketing materials as “Lifeline”, a different company that is the leading medical alert service in Canada.

The Best Alternative To Life Assure – Lifeline

You may be interested in looking for an alternative to Life Assure. Check out Lifeline, Canada’s leading medical alert service.

Lifeline developed the very first medical alert service in 1974. It has more experience in serving the emergency needs of seniors and the chronically ill than Life Assure. Lifeline is only focused on the emergency medical needs of seniors and people with special needs. It is not a sideline for burglar and security guard alarm companies. Lifeline also has the most advanced products and prides itself on its responsive, friendly and helpful customer service. Lifeline’s Response Centre staff receive 240 hours of training with annual recertification.

Lifeline manufactures its own products to high standards, and all help buttons are waterproof. All calls are answered in Canada at Lifeline’s own Response Centres in Toronto and Montreal. These Response Centres are equipped with advanced hardware and software supporting its service. And it is truly multilingual, answering help calls in any of 240 languages.

Lifeline is easy to install. You can do it yourself with telephone support, or a Lifeline Home Service Representative can come to your home and install it for you for a modest fee.

Repairs and support are free. There is no equipment to buy and there are no long-term contracts.

Lifeline has three levels of service, each one payable through a monthly fee.

HomeSafe is its standard service. It provides quick access to reliable 24/7 help at the push of a button via a wristband or pendant. HomeSafe is designed to work within the home or immediately outside of it. When the Lifeline help button is pushed, the wearer is connected with a Canadian Lifeline Response Centre via two-way voice communication. A Response Centre staff member immediately assesses the situation and arranges for help to arrive quickly. The customer always has a choice in how they want their help calls to be handled. And very importantly, Lifeline takes the time to follow up on calls to make sure help has arrived.

HomeSafe with AutoAlert includes all the benefits of HomeSafe plus Lifeline’s AutoAlert automatic fall detection. False alarms can be a problem with automatic fall detection devices, but Lifeline’s superior technology is able to detect 95% of true falls. Lifeline with AutoAlert is available only as a pendant because devices worn on the wrist or a belt aren’t able to identify true falls accurately.

GoSafe is Lifeline’s mobile medical alert service. It allows customers to be covered by Lifeline’s benefits both at home and away, and AutoAlert fall detection technology is built in. Its attractive pendant can be worn while it is being charged, so there is no interruption in service. What makes GoSafe truly unique is that it is the only mobile medical alert system equipped with five locating methods, ranging from GPS to Wi-Fi. This allows it to accurately identify your location when you need help.

All of Lifeline’s products are available in landline or wireless versions.

The bottom line: Lifeline focuses on helping seniors and the chronically ill to continue living independently with safety, dignity and peace of mind. Its total package of products and services make Lifeline one of the best medical alert systems available.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Choose Lifeline Over Life Assure

  1. Superior products: All of Lifeline’s products are designed for seniors and manufactured to high standards. They include features that can’t be found anywhere else such as AutoAlert’s accurate fall detection technology and GoSafe’s five locating technologies.
  2. Superior service: Lifeline’s Response Centre staff receive 240 hours of training in how to handle emergency situations with seniors and the chronically ill.
  3. Experience: Lifeline has been helping seniors and people with special needs to live independently with safety and dignity for almost 50 years.
  4. Support: Lifeline provides free repairs and support.
  5. Reputation: Lifeline is trusted by more Canadian healthcare professionals than any other medical alert service.

Compare Lifeline vs. Life Assure

FeaturesLifeline Life Assure
Exclusive focus on seniors
Has own response centres in Canada
240 hours of training for response centre staff
Number of languages2402
Standard help at the push of a button
Automatic fall detection
Mobile service
Two-way voice communication
Follow up to make sure help has arrived
Professional home Installation available
IPX7 waterproof help buttons
Long-lasting battery life
Mobile help button can be charged while wearing
No equipment to buy
No long-term contract
Operating for more than 45 years

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People Who Chose Lifeline Over Life Assure

“Words can barely express how much peace of mind this service has brought to me and my family since getting it. It has allowed me to live alone, in my own home, ever since my husband’s death years ago. A wonderful service.”
– Thelma

“After the Lifeline Home Service representative installed the service, I felt so secure. It makes me feel safe and it gives my family peace of mind.”
– Lucy

“Lifeline has given me my independence and confidence back. It is easy to use and well worth it.”
– Sarah

“Lifeline has relieved me of my concern and anxiety, knowing that my widowed mother-in-law who has recently developed Parkinson disease, is being monitored for falls and medical help is available. The peace of mind that this system is always operating has reassured me and my wife that the great grandmother of our grandchildren is living without the fear of being alone when help is needed.”
– Steve

“To the amazing Lifeline team, Thank You so very much for your kind attention to my dad. I am more than satisfied for your great devotion.”
– Denise

The Last Word

Choosing a medical alert service to make sure your loved one is able to get fast, expert medical help is an important decision. You want to be sure the service you choose has the best products and the best service. Life Assure is a good company but its products and service have some drawbacks. On the other hand, Lifeline has an excellent reputation and track record for keeping seniors and people with special needs safe so they can continue to live independently. We hope this review will help you make the right decision for your loved one.

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