Getting seniors out of the house and keeping them active is essential to their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. You don’t need to plan a big trip or other elaborate ideas to have fun. Seniors can enjoy many fun activities around their hometowns and withing senior living communities. We’ve put together a senior living guide that contains a list of fun activities that anyone can get started today.

    5 Free and Fun Outdoor Activities for Seniors

    Since many older people are on a fixed budget, they have limited income for fun. To compensate, they can usually find free activities that communities offer to help them stay active socially and physically.

    Check out these 5 free and fun outdoor senior activities that you or your loved ones can do today:

    Senior couple going to the museum in the evening

    Visit local museums

    Many local museums offer visitors a free night once a week or once a month. This is a fun activity to stay active while learning about the past.

    Close up of microphone on stage in a pub

    Join open mic nights

    Open mic nights at the nearby coffee shops provide local entertainment at no cost. In addition, the seniors get a chance to perform by reading a poem or singing for a small audience.

    Three happy seniors holding books in the library

    Participate in a book or gardening club

    A book or gardening club provides fun and interaction with others on a regular basis. In addition, it is usually free, unless people choose to meet at a restaurant.

    Seniors volunteers packing boxes at food drive

    Do volunteer work

    Another option for older people to enjoy free admission to events is to volunteer their services. They can serve as ushers for plays or concerts in exchange for free tickets to the event. Many small programs have limited budgets and are always willing to exchange volunteer help for a few seats to the show.

    Happy older gentleman strolling through town

    Become a local tourist

    Become a local tourist. Encourage your seniors to get out and see new attractions or spend time in an area of town where they never go. It’s common for people to get into such a routine and go to the same places and miss out on many restaurants, stores, attractions and activities right in their own town.

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    8 Indoor Activities for Seniors That Keep The Mind Active

    Adult classes are available in many senior living communities. These programs and creative activities for seniors are often enrichment courses that teach new skills or enhance current ones. A senior can choose a class to refresh their knowledge or try something new. Here are some ideas for enjoyable activities for seniors that keep your mind active:

    Senior man painting with brush during art class at community centre


    Drawing and painting are effective ways of improving creativity in seniors. These activities for seniors are also mental health exercises and help develop artistic skills.

    Seniors taking computer lessons at community center

    Computer lessons

    It’s never too late to learn basic computer lessons skills. What’s a better way to spend time than learning a skill that helps with daily needs. Moreover, it’s a great way to bond with family members, who use the computer frequently.

    Seniors dancing with their partners during dancing class

    Dance classes

    Joining a dance studio should be an activity that every senior should consider. It’s a great way to make friends. Plus, dancing helps improve strength and muscle functions in older adults.

    Older woman practices singing at home

    Singing/Chorus lessons:

    Singing is a great ability to have and seniors can make friends in the lessons as well. Additionally, music therapy has many benefits on emotional well-being.

    Senior man practices acting on theatre stage

    Theatre and Drama

    Taking theatre and drama classes is a great way to make friends while staying creative. Through this class, seniors can build confidence and concentration.

    Senior woman painting clay pot during pottery workshop

    Ceramic classes

    Embarking on new creations, learning new techniques and finishing your creations can contribute to a lifetime commitment of learning and maintaining a productive hobby. This is something that every senior should consider.

    Craft supplies for scrapbooking


    Another great activity for seniors is scrapbooking. Preserving a slice of history and reflecting on your life story is a meaningful activity. Trying to remember details such as how old you were during a certain trip or the name of the person you are seeing in a particular picture can be hard for your brain. Taking part in a life story exercise that makes the brain work out will help keep the mind sharp, while self-reflection can be highly rewarding.

    Senior gentleman practices piano in retirement home while woman listens

    Piano lessons

    Learning piano is a wonderful way to prevent memory loss in elders. Moreover, you can also learn your favourite songs and play for your family and your grandchildren.

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    Safety and Entertainment: Why You Should Consider Lifeline

    A big factor to consider when choosing an outdoor or indoor activity for seniors is safety.

    In case anything unfortunate, such as falls, or unnoticed seizures, happens, the ability to summon help any time of the day or night is important.

    Lifeline allows seniors to have the peace of mind they deserve: Staying independent safely and being able to participate in entertainment activities without worrying about health issues.

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