You spend years looking forward to the day when you can retire. You dream about how you will spend that extra free time and what life will be like with no strict schedules. However, retirement is not always as grand as it seems, and many seniors choose to take on a part-time job for those years. While the driving force is often the needed income, several benefits come with having a retirement job.

    Extra Income in Retirement

    The most obvious benefit and main reason for having a part-time job is the extra income it provides. For some, the money is necessary for survival, while others use it to enjoy life or purchase the “extras” they want.

    The income from these part-time jobs can range from just a few hundred dollars each month to well over $1000. It is often used to supplement Social Security income and other retirement funds. Some seniors use it to delay withdrawing money from their savings.

    Social Interaction for Retirees

    For many people, co-workers were an important part of their lives. Their kids are grown or their families live at a distance, so the main social interaction came through work. After retirement, the person can feel lonely from spending too much time alone. Getting a part-time job is a way to feel connected to society and to make new friends.

    Stay Active and Healthy in Retirement

    No matter how tired you feel when the alarm clock goes off, you get up and go to work even when you don’t really want to. Once you’re at your job, you begin to feel better and ready to take on the day. Having a schedule with obligations can help seniors stay active and feel better. Instead of lying around or sitting at home watching TV, they have a purpose to drive them to accomplish more.

    Being active helps improve physical health, reducing the chance of illness. Following a routine ensures the proper amount of sleep and eating scheduled meals also helps seniors remain healthy. Besides helping improve physical health, it also aids mental alertness. Working a part-time job similar to their former full-time career, mean they can continue to use those skills, which also maintains cognitive abilities.

    A Purpose in Life for the Retiree

    When someone has a job to go to, it creates a feeling of a sense of purpose. While it is an obligation, it makes them feel needed. An enjoyable job can becomes the highlight of the day. Many seniors no longer have the same frustrations that face younger employees in managing family activities and needs with work requirements. They’re free to focus on their jobs and enjoy the satisfaction that it brings.

    It’s not uncommon for someone to define himself by a job, so when the job is gone, it can be disorienting. While a part-time job affords freedom, it also provides structure and the ability to make a contribution.

    Choosing a Part-time Job in Retirement

    When looking for a job in retirement, it’s important to take financial needs, physical health and flexibility into consideration. Things to take into consideration include which jobs fit their skill set, physical abilities, salary range and the number of hours spent working.

    When a senior finds a retirement job they love, it can enhance the quality of life in so many ways. Retiring from their career doesn’t mean losing out on the benefits that work provides when seeking out a part-time job that fits their needs.

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