Medication Dispensing Service

A simple, affordable and automated way to manage multiple medications with 24/7 monitoring

You rely on your medications to keep you healthy. But complicated medication schedules can lead to mistakes: missing doses, taking incorrect amounts, or taking pills at the wrong time. These mistakes could lead to unnecessary doctor or hospital visits. The Philips Medication Dispensing Service helps you to avoid medication mistakes so you can live independently in the comfort of your own home. Our automated medication dispenser with 24-hour monitoring provides daily reminders and instructions. It’s designed to help you to take the right dose at the prescribed time.

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When reminded by Philips Medication Dispensing Service, seniors dispense the medication on time 98.6% of the time 5

1/3 of seniors take at least 5 prescription drugs 1
55% of seniors don’t take their medication according to the doctor’s orders 2
1 out of 10 hospital admissions is due to incorrect use of medication 3
The inability to manage medications may be responsible for up to 23% of nursing home admissions 4
1/3 of seniors take at least 5 prescription drugs 1
55% of seniors don’t take their medication according to the doctor’s orders 2
1 out of 10 hospital admissions is due to incorrect use of medication 3
The inability to manage medications may be responsible for up to 23% of nursing home admissions 4

When reminded by Philips Medication Dispensing Service, seniors dispense the medication on time 98.6% of the time 5

It’s never been easier to manage your medications with the Philips Lifeline Medication Dispensing Service

Our medication dispensing service has all of the top features seniors and caregivers like you have been asking for. It includes reminder alerts to dispense medications on schedule, in addition to alerts for non-pill medications. And the device offers one of the largest and most flexible dosing capacities available. Because our Medication Dispensing Service has a continuous monitoring feature and proactively alerts caregivers, it’s no surprise that more people choose Philips Lifeline.


Hear a reminder when it’s time to take your medicine


Get audible announcements such as, Take with food for instructions on taking meds.


See important instructions displayed on the screen


Press the button to dispense medication


Take your medication from the convenient cup

The Philips Lifeline Medication Dispensing Service gives you peace of mind to enjoy life.

For seniors:

Our Philips Medication Dispenser is easy to use and designed to help seniors take the right dose, at the right time. All seniors have to do is simply press the release button to dispense the dose and take their pills.

For caregivers:

Our Medication Dispensing Service helps caregivers support their loved one when they can’t be there. Caregivers can feel more comfortable knowing that they will be contacted by our Response Centre if their loved one misses a dose.

Features and functionality

Around-the-clock monitoring delivers added reassurance

  • Feel secure knowing the Philips Lifeline’s Response Centre is alerted if an automatic pill dispenser dose is missed.
  • Your caregiver is contacted by our Response Centre if there is a missed dose so they can follow up with you to ensure you take your medication.

Automated for ease of use and greater adherence

  • Voice and visual prompts tell you when to take your medication.
  • Instructions are programmed for taking medications as directed, such as “take with food”.
  • Pre-loaded doses are dispensed at prescribed times. Simply press the button to receive the medication in an easy-to-handle plastic cup.

Flexible and adjustable for changing needs

  • The medicine dispenser holds up to 60 dose cups and can accommodate up to 6 doses a day or scheduling up to 40 days.
  • “Early dose” feature adds flexibility and helps you to stay on track when you’re away from home.
  • Updating the medication schedule is easy. Contact our Response Centre if a change is needed and we’ll do the rest.

Secure design minimizes risk of accidental overdosing

  • Locked cabinet limits access to medicine
  • Missed doses are automatically transferred to a reserve bin to prevent medication errors.
  • Rechargeable battery allows you to take medications from your electronic pill dispenser as scheduled even during power outages.

Proven results

  • Delivers a 98.6% medication dispensing adherence level among monitored subscribers. 5 Patients who follow the directions of their doctors and pharmacists by taking their medications in the prescribed amounts at the right times can reduce the health risks associated with medication errors.

How the Medication Dispensing System Works

Take your medication as scheduled

As the #1 medical alert service in North America, Philips Lifeline understands the challenges seniors face. For more than 40 years, we’ve been helping seniors live independently.

Our Medication Dispensing Service is designed to be just as trusted and easy to use as our Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service help button, giving seniors confidence to keep living on their own.


1. Load

You or a caregiver put medications into individual cups and load them into the dispenser. Philips Lifeline will help with scheduling dose times.

2. Dispense

Press the button when you hear the reminder. The medication that you or your caregiver have loaded, will dispense at the preprogrammed times.

3. Alert

If a dose is missed, the Response Centre contacts Caregivers by phone. They can check on you to make sure you’re getting your medications.

Who needs the Philips Medication Dispensing Service

The Philips Medication Dispensing Service can help people who:

  • Have one or more chronic conditions
  • Take multiple medications or have complex medication regimens
  • May want to take medications properly
  • May have been hospitalized already for misuse of medication
  • Are at risk for complications, hospitalizations, admission to facility for round-the-clock care
  • May have cognitive impairment
  • Have limited mobility and are at risk for falls
  • Require assistance with medication today

Find out if a medication management service is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the dispenser work during a power outage?

Yes. The dispenser has a rechargeable battery that will provide up to 18 hours of backup power during a power outage. If the power has been out for 10 hours and there is an emergency situation (such as a hurricane or snowstorm) where the power may not be restored for hours or days, please call the Customer Care team for assistance. NOTE: If you have a phone system that does not operate during a power outage, the dispenser’s automatic monitoring service will be disabled.

Is the Philips Medication Dispensing Service compatible with VOIP?

Yes. Just like the Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service, the Philips Medication Dispensing Service is compatible with VOIP. “Non-traditional” phone services, like VOIP and other digital, broadband or internet-based phone services have important differences from “traditional” telephone services. Also, some of these new services have lower – and sometimes widely variable – reliability and quality of service. Your Philips Medication Dispensing Service depends on the reliability of your phone service. Contact Philips Lifeline for more information.

Who loads medication into the dispenser?

The Philips Medication Dispensing Service is designed to assist people receiving help with medications today. Typically, people receive assistance from family, spouses or visiting nurses. Any of those individuals would be appropriate for loading medications.

Can two people in the same home use the dispenser?

No. Because medications are so important, each person in the home should have his or her own Philips Medication Dispensing Service to avoid errors with medication.

Can the dispenser hold liquid medication?

No. The dispenser should only be loaded with solid medications, however you may use a reminder message to alert you when it is time to take liquid medication.

What if the person using the dispenser is leaving home for an extended period of time?

The dispenser may be taken along. Simply unplug the dispenser and prior to reconnecting the dispenser in the new location, unload all medication cups into the loading trays, reconnect the power, switch on the dispenser and press “Schedule” to download the medication schedule. Once ready to proceed, load dispenser as per user manual instructions. This procedure is necessary as the cylinders could shift out of alignment while in transit. Then call the Support Centre to reactivate the dispenser.

What if no one is home and the red button is not pressed when a message is announced?

The message will be repeated once a minute. After 90 minutes with no response, the dispenser will consider the dose missed and move the medication cup to the missed dose storage bin. NOTE: The Philips Medication Dispensing Service will stop operating if four doses are missed and the missed dose status is not cleared.

What if medications change?

Because medications do change, it is best to load only as many days of medication as makes sense for the user. For instance, if the user has a doctor’s appointment in one week, you should only load 7 to 10 days’ worth of medication. This will minimize the number of medications cups that will have to be changed.

What is the Monitoring Service?

The dispenser is remotely monitored via phone line. If the subscriber misses a dose, the dispenser automatically places an alert call to the caregiver, enabling the caregivers to respond quickly.