CarePoint Go

CarePoint Go - Mobile Alert Pendant

CarePoint Go Features

  • Two-way Voice Communication

    The CarePoint Go mobile pendant allows your resident to speak directly with a designated staff responder, who will provide them with fast, easy access to help.

  • GPS Locating Technology

    If staff responders can’t find your resident, they can’t help them. CarePoint Go mobile pendants use GPS to help determine a resident’s location in an emergency, indoors or out in the community, enabling staff responders to find their location.

  • Fall-detection Technology

    CarePoint Go mobile pendants have automatic fall detection. If a fall is detected, the mobile pendant will place a help call to the designated staff responder, even if the resident can’t push the button.

  • Water-Resistant

    CarePoint Go mobile pendants work in the shower where falls are most common.

  • Rechargeable Battery

    A complete charge will take approximately two to three hours and the pendant’s battery can last up to four days on a single charge.

How the CarePoint Go Program Works

When a resident chooses to leave the community walls, a trained staff member checks out a mobile pendant for them.

If a resident needs help, the mobile pendant has two-way voice communication and GPS technology to help determine where they are in an emergency and send a staff responder to their location.

Upon the resident’s return to the community, the staff member will check in the mobile pendant, sanitize and charge it. Then the pendant is now ready for use by the next resident.

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