Refer a Patient to Lifeline

Empower your patients to live more safely and independently

Referral options

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Lifeline is focused on ways to support your needs related to patient safety and well-being. This is why we have created different ways for you to refer your patients to the Lifeline service. A Lifeline Representative will respond to the contact person within 24 hours.

“I was concerned about discharging an elderly patient because she was quite frail. I recommended a medical alert service and she finally agreed.  Soon after, I learned she had fallen down some stairs, struck her head and lost consciousness. Fortunately, she was able to press her Help Button. An ambulance arrived quickly and she avoided further injury.

This is such a simple apparatus but it changes the outcome of otherwise catastrophic events.”


Help your patients remain independent with a direct referral to Lifeline

If your patient can benefit from a medical alert button, consider making a direct referral to Lifeline. 88% of senior patients do not act when health information and services are recommended. This may be because they are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information and resources, in denial of the need, or do not know what to do. By providing your patient’s contact information, Lifeline will call and give them all the information they need to make their own decision about our service. If you have consent from your patient, Lifeline can share the outcome of the call.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I provide my patient’s contact info, are they committed to getting the service?

No, they can decide if they want the service or not. They are under no obligation to take the service.

My patient won’t be able to communicate effectively on the phone, could you call their caregiver instead?

Yes, we are happy to speak to family members or caregivers.

Could my patient see a demonstration of the Lifeline service to better understand how Lifeline works?

Yes, when possible, we offer home visits to allow your patient to see firsthand how the service works. We also have videos available (links) that provide an overview of our service offerings.

What if I’m not sure my patient can afford the Lifeline service?

Our Lifeline representative will speak to your patient and can do an individual means assessment. If they cannot afford the Lifeline service, there may be subsidies available to defer the cost.

My patient is not coming out of the hospital right away. Should I wait to have Lifeline call their caregiver?

A Lifeline representative would be happy to speak to the caregiver and any decision can wait until your patient is leaving the hospital.

How quickly can the Lifeline service be set up for my patient?

We will work with your patient’s timing. We typically install the Lifeline service within 48 hours but urgent installations can be done much quicker.