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Lifeline means that I can get help when I need it as I will be 90 my next birthday, live alone and have osteoarthritis which makes me fall sometimes, this is very important. Also, the people who answer when I call are all so kind and caring it is a pleasure to talk with them.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions below to get answers to common questions about billing. If you have any questions and would like to speak with us, please feel free to call Customer Care at 1-800-387-1215.

Can I pay my bill on this website?
No, at this time we do not accept payments on our website.
How do I sign up for an automatic Pre-Authorized Payment method (PAP)?
Please fill out the Pre-Authorized Payment form and mail it back to us. Please note that it may take up to one billing cycle for us to process your request. Once the Pre-Authorized Payment form has been set up, you will stop receiving invoices.
Will I receive a paper statement in the mail verifying that I signed up for Pre-Authorized payments?
No, we will not send out a paper statement. Once the method of payment is processed (which could take up to one billing cycle), you will stop receiving a paper invoice and begin automatic withdrawals or receiving credit card charges.
Will I continue to receive a monthly statement confirming that the Lifeline Service has been paid?
No. Once you have fully converted from paying by cheques to Pre-authorized payments, review your monthly credit card or bank statement to confirm your payments to Philips Lifeline.
If I am enrolled in the Pre-Authorized Payment option, can I view my transaction history on the Lifeline website?
No, we do not currently offer transaction history on our website. Your payments for the Lifeline Service can be seen on your monthly credit card or bank statement.
On which day will my payments be deducted?
Philips Lifeline will auto-withdraw each month on or around the 15th day of the month for monitoring fees.
Can my billing date be changed to one that better meets my needs?
Unfortunately, we are unable to change your billing date because the coverage period is based on this date. Making a change will cause duplicate charges for the same period.
What are some common reasons for a credit/debit card being declined?
For security purposes, when a card is declined, we are not given the exact reason why. Some common reasons for a credit/debit card being declined are:
  • Limit exceeded; no money available in account
  • Wrong credit card number
  • Wrong expiration date
You should call your bank or credit card company for more information and then call us back when the issue is rectified.
If I need to cancel the Lifeline Service, will you also stop my automatic payments?
Once the service is canceled, your automatic payments will be canceled. However, you are responsible to pay in full for the cancellation month and that amount will be charged to your bank and/or credit card listed on the Pre-authorized payment file.
Can I use online banking as a method of automatic payment to pay for the Lifeline Service?
Yes, you can. However, this method of payment still requires us to generate and mail an invoice. Please note: When setting up the Philips Lifeline Bill with your financial institution, please make sure you use your Philips Lifeline Customer Number as your Account Number for online bill payments.
How do I get a copy of an invoice or a printout of my account history?
Please call 1-800-387-1215. You will hear back from one of our Representatives within 2-3 business days.
What does my monthly Philips Lifeline invoice cover?
It covers the monthly charge for the Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service, as well as any applicable provincial taxes.
Why am I being charged sales tax?
Philips Lifeline is obligated to charge tax on services.
When is my payment due?
Payment is due 20 days after the invoice date. The due date is also listed on the invoice.
Why is my last payment not reflected in the balance?
Invoices and payments often cross in the mail. Please allow up to seven (7) days from the date you mailed your payment. Credit card payments or automatic withdrawal from your bank account can help to eliminate this issue.