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The first, largest, and industry leader with over 40 years of focused experience.

When gerontologists Dr.Andrew and Dr. Susan Dibner started Lifeline in 1974, little did they realize that they were also launching an industry. Their vision was to create a service that helps seniors and the physically challenged live with independence, confidence and dignity in their own homes, a vision that still holds true today. Now there are several other companies offering a “medical alarm service”, but Lifeline remains the leader, trusted by more Canadians than all of the other providers combined. You might well ask,“How is it that Lifeline is still the #1 medical alert service with so many competitors attempting to duplicate its products and services?


Over 40 years of experience providing personal medical alert services to seniors throughout North America.


Over a half million Canadian subscribers have benefitted from the Lifeline service.


Recommended by over 30,000 healthcare professionals, including hospitals.


With back-up redundancy capability and disaster recovery plans to ensure we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, ready to help.


Philips Lifeline has two state of the art Response Centres, in Toronto and Montreal offering 24/7 call response in English and French.


Our Response Centre supports over 170 languages through our third-party provider, so you can communicate in the way you feel most comfortable.

Help button presses
Help dispatched
Falls detected

In 2016 Philips Lifeline’s Canadian Response Centers responded to over 1.3 million alarms. Over 120,000 of these alarms required some level of assistance. Over 61% alarms requiring some level of assistance were resolved without EMS. Our Personal Response Associates provided quick access to help in nearly 55,000 emergencies.  More than 10,000 falls were automatically detected by Philips Lifeline’s AutoAlert fall detection technology.

#1 Medical Alert Service in Canada

When it comes to experience, capabilities and that special caring touch, no other service lives up to the reputation of Lifeline. With Philips Lifeline, dependability is at the core of our service, helping save more lives and provide the best possible care. From the very beginning, the Lifeline service has focused solely on the emergency medical needs of older adults, the chronically ill and physically challenged. We are not a burglar alarm company with a sideline. The result is a higher standard of caring, expert service and products that are easier to use.

Philips Lifeline invented the medical alert industry more than 40 years ago and became the first personal response and support service in Canada dedicated to helping seniors, the physically challenged, and patients with medical conditions live confidently and safely at home. Today, Lifeline’s expert, caring service and superior products represent the gold standard. In fact, more people put their trust in Lifeline than in all other personal response companies combined. We help thousands of seniors and disabled people live with greater independence and dignity in their own homes. We’re proud to be the recommended personal response service provider to many healthcare professionals across Canada. In fact, Philips Lifeline is trusted and recommended by more doctors, hospitals and healthcare professionals than any other medical alert service provider in Canada.

The Lifeline service is very easy to use

One push of your Personal Help Button activates a hands-free, 2-way Communicator system in your home. You’re immediately connected with a Response Centre Associate who will promptly arrange for assistance and follow up to ensure you receive proper care.

The gold standard in Personal Response and Support Services

Our Canadian-based, company-owned Response Centres, in Toronto and Montreal, are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All calls are answered “live” by Lifeline Personal Response Associates, who are highly trained and re-certified annually to deliver prompt, professional and caring service to our customers. In fact, Philips Lifeline’s Response Centre staff undergo 240 hours of training.

Unlike generic substitutes, our medical alert products and services are specifically designed to meet the needs of seniors and at-risk individuals. Research shows that 97% of subscribers and 95% of caregivers are satisfied with Lifeline, and that subscribers rate the service very highly on customer service, product ease-ofuse and the difference it has made to their quality of life. In another study, subscribers strongly agree that they would refer Lifeline to a family member or friend (4.8/ 5), and that Lifeline could save their life (4.8/5). The service costs little more than a dollar a day and there are no hidden costs when you subscribe to Philips Lifeline. In fact, with Philips Lifeline our monthly fee includes a complete equipment warranty which covers ongoing maintenance and service, so there’s no expensive equipment you need to buy.

Philips Innovation

Backed by the leading global health technology company, Philips Lifeline empowers people to live healthier lives through meaningful innovation. Philips’ resources and expertise enable us to deliver innovative new products and services quickly, with the high standards of quality and functionality Lifeline is known for. Philips designs products that improve people’s health with the leading-edge innovations, advanced technology and deep clinical and consumer insights. Whether it’s state-of-the-art lab equipment for hospitals or advanced products for consumers, we’re dedicated to improving quality of life for individuals and families everywhere. We are working to create a healthier future together one product at a time.

As a technology company that cares about people Philips is commited to innovative, quality care is in everything we do. Philips is a global leader in diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring and health informatics, as well as in consumer health and home care. Learn more about Philips Healthcare ›

Reliable, purpose–built systems and devices

As a division of Philips, we continuously invest in research and development and release state-of-the-art medical alert products and services like AutoAlert* – most widely adopted fall detection in Canada.  And now GoSafe – our most advanced medical alert service – can provide access to help both at home and on the go. Lifeline products are designed to be user-friendly for older adults and include many unique safety and convenience features such as remote answering, reminders and aids for the hearing/visually impaired. We manufacture our own products to maintain our high quality and reliability standards.


Wear your device in the bath or in the shower, where falls are most common.


As your most dependable accessory, the lightweight pendant or wristband can be comfortably worn above or under clothing.


At home, our self-checking medical alert equipment notifies the Response Centre if it detects a power failure or low battery.

Healthcare system integration

Lifeline is the only medical alarm service that is integrated with the healthcare system across Canada. Over the last 40 years, Lifeline has reinvested approximately $15 million back into the healthcare system through more than 250 programs with hospitals and community agencies. Research has also shown that Lifeline achieves excellent real life, in-field healthcare cost savings by reducing hospital admissions by 26% and length of hospital stays by 23%.

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