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HomeSafe with AutoAlert

Medical Alert System with Automatic Fall Detection

Everyone wants to live independently, but as we age, that does come with some risks. HomeSafe with AutoAlert can help you continue to live on your terms. Our proven automatic fall detection technology is designed to automatically detect true falls, with a low rate of false alarms, and gets access to help quickly.1 It’s an excellent choice for those with a history, risk, or fear of falling.

If a fall is detected, it’s designed to get you 24/7 access to help, even if you are disoriented, immobilized, or unconscious.1

  • AutoAlert is the most widely adopted automatic fall detection technology on the market today.
  • More than 300,000 seniors have relied on AutoAlert to feel safe at home.
  • HomeSafe with AutoAlert is an excellent choice for those with a history, risk or fear of falling.

HomeSafe is recommended for people who:

  • Have history, risk or fear of falling
  • Have chronic conditions (cognitive impairment, COPD, diabetes, diabetes, arthritis, heart conditions, MS, stroke, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, macular degeneration)
  • Have mobility problems
  • Have visual impairments
  • Are recovering after discharge from hospital

System & Hardware

Philips Lifeline offers dependable, convenient, and purpose-built technology, assembled and tested by Lifeline. What does that mean to you? Just like how in the event of an emergency, you can get help quickly, we’re also available to monitor our equipment. It’s self-checking and notifies the Response Centre if it detects a power failure or low battery.

Personal alert button

The HomeSafe with AutoAlert help button is worn as a pendant with an adjustable neck cord. This small, discreet device includes the added protection of automatic fall detection.

Having AutoAlert means that you can rest easy knowing if a fall occurs and leaves you confused or even unconscious, the fall detection will automatically alert our Response Centres that help may be needed.1

HomeSafe with AutoAlert is the most proven fall detection technology in a pendant on the Canadian market today. Over 200,000 falls have been detected by AutoAlert.

Wear your help button in the bath or in the shower, where falls in the home are most likely to occur.

Worry-free battery
Battery is long-lasting, and we’ll automatically replace it when needed.

As your most dependable accessory, the lightweight pendant is comfortably worn over or under clothing.

In-home communicator

When you push your button or it detects a fall, it triggers your home communicator to dial our 24 hour Response Centre. When the call connects, it allows for two-way voice communication between you and the Personal Response Associate.

High-fidelity speakers and microphone
The Communicator amplifies sound so you can hear and be heard throughout your home.

Automatic self-testing
The Communicator conducts regular system checks and will automatically alert Lifeline if maintenance is required.

No phone line needed
Our cellular option does not require any special equipment to connect to our Response Centre using the third party cellular network.1

Worry-free battery
Up to 30 hours of battery backup gives you access to help even during power outages.

Philips Lifeline: How AutoAlert Works

Powerful coverage in or around your home

Your help button has a wide range of operation, so you can call for help from anywhere in or around your home within range of the in-home Communicator.

24/7 Access to our Response Centres

Our Canadian-based, company-owned Response Centres are available 24/7, and staffed with professionally trained and caring Associates.

Uninterrupted support

Since you can wear your Lifeline Personal Help Button at all times, unlike a cell phone, it should always be easily within reach.

Two-way voice communication

Microphone and speaker built into the in-home Communicator allow you to speak directly with a Lifeline Personal Response Associate.

No long-term contract required

Flexible payment options allow for monthly credit card or paper statement billing.

No expensive equipment to buy

Our monthly fee includes a complete equipment warranty which covers ongoing maintenance and service.

Get the most out of Lifeline by adding AutoAlert Fall Detection

Getting help quickly helps prevent further injury

Being down for more than 2 hours can increase the risk of medical problems that could be prevented by getting help quickly. A previous fall is one of the strongest predictors for recurring falls. Delayed intervention or prolonged lie times after a fall may result in secondary, serious complications that very likely require hospitalization and could be avoided by having quick access to help. HomeSafe with AutoAlert service can speed intervention and mitigate complications resulting from a fall.

AutoAlert is the most widely adopted automatic fall detection in Canada. Its superior technology is designed to automatically detect most falls – and achieve a low rate of false alarms – by distinguishing between actual falls and everyday activities like sitting, standing and reclining. It even gives you 30 seconds to cancel an alarm, or you can cancel by starting to stand back up.

One half of older adults cannot get up from a fall without help

In a study of Lifeline users, we found that seniors can’t or don’t push the button in up to 30% of serious fall emergencies. Without fall detection, senior falls can go undetected for hours, even days without receiving emergency medical attention. Philips Lifeline can help connect you to the assistance you request, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Learn more about fall detection technology

How HomeSafe Service Works

1. Summon help

HomeSafe with AutoAlert automatically places a call for help after 30 seconds if a fall is detected and you cannot press your Personal Help Button because you are disoriented, immobilized, or unconscious after a fall.

2. Hear a reassuring voice

A caring Philips Lifeline response associate will quickly access your personal profile and assess the situation.

3. Know help is on the way

Our response associate contacts a neighbour, loved one, or emergency services – based on your preferences – and will follow up to make sure help has arrived.

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HomeSafe with AutoAlert Reviews

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[1] AutoAlert does not detect 100% of falls. If able, you should always press the button that you wear.
[2] Figure is based on the number of undetected falls that have been reported to Philips Lifeline by U.S. AutoAlert subscribers for the period from January 2012 through July 2012. Undetectable falls can include a gradual slide from a seated position, such as from a wheelchair, which may not register as a fall.
[3] Philips Lifeline wireless communicators connect to the Philips Lifeline Response Centre using the third party cellular provider. No additional wireless equipment is needed. A customer phone number is required to enroll in the service.
[4] In rare situations, we cannot guarantee a personal visit in remote/rural service areas.
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