Hosted On-Site Emergency Call System | Philips Lifeline ® Senior Living

Philips Lifeline RC700 Hosted Solution

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With this application, the Senior Living Provider need only purchase or rent an in-suite communicator for each apartment (which plugs into a standard analog RJ11 modular jack in the suite or a version that uses wireless [cellular] connectivity when a landline is not available) and rather than the alarm call being handled by a Philips Lifeline Response Centre, the call will go directly to a handled device (such as a smartphone or small tablet) carried by on-site staff in the building. The advantages associated with this option are among other things:

  • A lower monthly fee per residential suite
  • Low, annual user admin fees
  • Availability of all of the redundant features offered by our Response Centres from a disaster back-up perspective
  • Ability for Philips Lifeline Response Centre Operators to provide failsafe monitoring in the event the building’s staff do not respond to an alarm call within a pre-defined period
  • Availability of a range of monitoring reports that the building operator can access – this is especially helpful when determining speed of staff response, outcomes of alarms and so on.
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