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Lifeline is the only Medical Alert Service provider integrated with the healthcare system across Canada. Our 250 local Lifeline Programs based in hospitals, community agencies, and senior living facilities are the backbone of our network, ensuring outstanding service delivery for all subscribers. When you refer patients to Lifeline, you can be sure that they’re being served by reputable organizations that stand behind our products and services. Lifeline provides more than 90,000 Canadians and their families with peace of mind everyday. With so many other Medical Alert Service providers in the Canadian market, what makes Lifeline stand apart? There are many reasons why we’re the leading and most trusted provider for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals..

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A Range of Services for a Variety of Needs: Early Intervention

Most healthcare professionals immediately think of Lifeline for their patients who are at risk for falls — and with good reason. Studies show that 30% of people over 65 fall each year and sixty per cent of those falls happen at home. Early intervention after a fall reduces the risk of serious complications and increases the chances of maintaining a comfortable, independent life at home. Learn more about HomeSafe Medical Alert Service. Learn more about GoSafe Medical Alert Service.

Lifeline Access

For people with limited physical abilities, Lifeline Access™ extends the benefits of Lifeline to those who are unable to use our standard Personal Help Buttons. Our specially designed electronic switches respond to minute movements as subtle as a puff or sip on a tube, a roll of the head on a pillow, or a blink of an eye. The smallest motion allows patients to call for help or to answer incoming phone calls with Lifeline’s high-quality speakerphone. Learn more about Lifeline Access™.

User-Friendly Equipment and Technology

Our products are easy to use and designed with features that promote independence, improve quality of life, and enhance support for your patients. We manufacture all of our equipment so that they comply with strict quality and safety standards. Our designs are tested extensively with older adults before we make them available to the marketplace.

Only Lifeline offers all of the following

We offer innovative Communicators and Personal Help Buttons to suit a variety of tastes, special needs, and lifestyles. Plus, only Lifeline offers these safety features:

  • Remote call answering means your patients don’t have to risk a fall when running to the phone for an incoming call
  • TelAssure™ reminds patients to test their Personal Help Button
  • VoiceAssist™ guides patients to understand and use the service properly
  • The Personal Help Button is 100% waterproof

Cutting Edge Design

In order to keep up with the changing needs and styles of subscribers and caregivers, we’re continuously introducing new versions of our products. This year we launched our latest Communicator that’s been redesigned to blend in with the styles of telephones and answering machines in today’s homes. We also recently improved our Personal Help Buttons to reduce the instances of false or accidental activations.

A Professional and Caring Service Delivery

Our business is completely focused on your patients’ health and lifestyle needs. Personal Response Associates are trained extensively in understanding the needs of at-risk individuals and emergency response protocols so that they’re able to handle each call appropriately and efficiently. Since we use voice-to-voice technology, Personal Response Associates can determine your client’s needs directly. Even if the person is unable to speak, our Associates have instant access to key details about their health history and a list of their contacts. That way they can call the most appropriate form of assistance, whether it’s a neighbour, a relative or an ambulance.

Reliability and Security are the Foundation for Our Service

Other Medical Alert Service providers are typically burglar alarm companies or companies that sub-contract their monitoring to a third party. Not Lifeline. We monitor our own Subscribers 24-hours-a-day through our state-of-the-art Response Centres that are equipped with the latest in medical monitoring software and technology. Our response protocols also ensure that a help call is never finished until the appropriate help arrives in the client’s home. So your patients are never left wondering if help is on the way when they need it most. Furthermore, Lifeline Response Centres have emergency back-up systems in order to handle a crisis, like the Ontario Blackout of 2003. With multiple back-up generators supplying continuous power to our Response Centres and the added ability to transfer monitoring from one Centre to the other, Lifeline is there for your patients no matter what! With Lifeline, help is within reach today. Contact us to find out more.