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Lifeline AutoAlert is the #1 Choice of Seniors

Lifeline AutoAlert is the #1 Choice of Seniors in B.C.

AutoAlert is the most widely adopted and proven fall detection technology on the market today. Only Philips Lifeline offers AutoAlert.

*Philips Lifeline Canada – Internal data for British Columbia from 2019.


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How It Works

AutoAlert advanced fall detection technology is the new standard in personal emergency response services.

AutoAlert detects a fall.

AutoAlert gives you 30 seconds to cancel an alarm, or you can cancel by starting to stand back up.

If the alarm is not cancelled in 30 seconds, you’ll be connected to Lifeline’s Response Center.

You will hear a reassuring voice and know help is on the way.

Canada's #1 Medical Alert Service

This year 1.4 million people, 65 and older will fall. If you or a loved one experience a medical emergency, time is of the essence. That’s where Philips Lifeline can help, connecting you to the right help for the situation, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the push of a button.

Lifeline at Home

Lifeline at Home

HomeSafe with AutoAlert is Canada’s most trusted medical alert system.

Standard | with AutoAlert

Lifeline On-The-Go

Lifeline On-The-Go

GoSafe with AutoAlert is your mobile (GPS) medical alert solution.



“I had heard about Lifeline through advertisements in the media and felt my parents would be candidates for the service. As it turned, out we couldn’t have been more correct. Since we signed up for Lifeline, the system has been used many times. What our family has been very thankful for is the quick and efficient response we have received both from Lifeline and the ambulance service. The response time for an ambulance to arrive is a direct reflection of a call being place quickly for help. Let me say every call received from Lifeline has been in a very timely fashion. Moments after an incident occurs, I receive a call informing me a fall has happened and communication has been made with my parents and, if needed, an ambulance has been dispatched. This is 24 hour a day peace of mind for all family members concerned.We have probably used Lifeline over the past year countless times and I have to say without fail Lifeline has been there for us in a very professional manner thus given me and my parents the confidence to go about our daily routines with without worry.”

Rod Murphy, Canada - HomeSafe with AutoAlert

Rod Murphy, Canada – HomeSafe with AutoAlert

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