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Product & Service Information

These brochures are designed to provide a simple overview of the Philips Lifeline services. Order a free supply of brochures for your patients and their caregivers here.

Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service

This informative brochure will help educate your patients about the full range of Philips Lifeline services available to help them maintain their independence with confidence and peace of mind, including the revolutionary new GoSafe mobile service and HomeSafe with AutoAlert.

Educational materials for healthcare professionals

Download studies and other tools designed specifically for healthcare professionals

These tools are designed to provide information to Healthcare Professionals as they support their patients. Feel free to download and share with colleagues.

Chronic Conditions and the High Risk of Falling

The number of seniors living with chronic diseases is on the rise. This retrospective study report by Philips Research reveals surprising new data linking seniors living with chronic conditions to a greater risk of falling.

Fear of Falling in Older Persons

Fear of falling (FOF) is a significant falls risk factor among older adults that often results in social isolation and a spiraling physical, emotional, and functional decline. This informative white paper, written by Alan M. Jette, PhD, PT and Director of the Health and Disability Research Institute, Boston University, provides an overview of the incidence of FOF, who is at risk and how to identify them, the impacts of FOF and how FOF can be treated.

Explaining Epidemiological Factors of Falls to Older Adults

Falls remain the primary cause of injury, injury-related hospitalization and death among older adults. Communicating the risk of falling and how the risk can be reduced to older adults can be challenging, but Philips Lifeline’s Explaining Epidemiological Factors of Falls to Older Adults makes it easier. This 16-page booklet summarizes the key facts that seniors and their caregivers need to know, and provides valuable tips on how to effectively communicate this information.

Heart failure and falls

Improving outcomes and quality of life for patients with heart failure.

Living Well: Engaging your patients in changing behaviours

This summarizes James Prochaska and Carlo DiClemente’s “stages of change” model and, through four case studies, explains how it can be used to help patients make better healthcare choices. Your copy is available free of charge simply by requesting it via one of the methods shown below.

How to create a safer home

A room by room guide to eliminate the most common causes of falls.

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