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Frequently Asked Questions about Products and Service

Check our Frequently Asked Questions below to get answers to common questions about products and service. If you have any questions and would like to speak with us,  please feel free to call Customer Care at 1-800-387-1215.

Can I use any phone/cable service with my Lifeline Communicator?

Most telephone services are compatible with Lifeline, with the exception of Verizon Home Connect and any other cellular/wireless phone service.

Do I need to call Lifeline if I am changing phone service providers?

No, but please be aware that the Lifeline Service is not compatible with Verizon Home Connect and any other cellular/wireless phone service. You should always test your Lifeline Service after changing phone service providers to confirm it is working properly. However, if you change your phone number, you do need to call Lifeline.

Do I have to connect a telephone to my Lifeline Communicator?

No, it’s not necessary for a telephone to be connected to your Lifeline Communicator, but it’s an option that allows you to have a phone in the same room as your Lifeline Communicator. Please refer to the User Manual that came with your product for important information on connecting an additional device to your Lifeline Communicator.

Does the Personal Help Button have a speaker or a microphone?

No, there is no sound mechanism built into the Personal Help Button at this time.

Can I use the Personal Help Button outside?

Depending on the range of your Personal Help Button, you may be able to use it outside of your home. It’s important to understand your coverage area. Conducting a range test will help you determine your coverage area. Watch our informational video on conducting a range test here.

Can more than one person have a Personal Help Button?

Yes, up to two people in a house can have a Personal Help Button. To add a second subscriber to your Lifeline subscription, please call our Customer Care department at 1-800-387-1215.

How can I be sure the Lifeline system is working?

We encourage you to press your button once a month to ensure that Lifeline is working properly.

Can I change the cord or wrist strap?

You are welcome to change the wrist strap yourself. However, if you have the pendant-style button you must use the Lifeline-supplied cord as it is designed to break away under certain conditions.

Can I wear my Personal Help Button in bed?

Yes, we ask that you wear your Personal Help Button at all times when you are in your home. The button is designed to provide adequate protection against sending an accidental signal, even if you roll over on it.

Can I wear my Personal Help Button in the shower or bath?

Yes, the Personal Help Button is waterproof and should be worn at all times. However, please note that when the Personal Help Button is fully submerged, the signal is weakened and may not be received by the Communicator.

Do I need to replace the battery in my Personal Help Button?

No. It has a non-rechargeable battery that can only be replaced at our factory.

Will my AutoAlert Help Button call Lifeline if I accidentally drop it?

In most situations, the AutoAlert Help Button’s sensors can tell that it has been dropped, and it will not generate a Help Call. However, if a Help Call is sent, tell the Personal Response Associate that the Help Button was dropped and that you do not need assistance.

Can I get the AutoAlert Help Button on a wrist strap?

No, the AutoAlert Help Button is only available as a pendant.

Can I wear my AutoAlert Help Button with my pacemaker?

We suggest that you contact the manufacturer of your pacemaker and inquire about whether your pacemaker is susceptible to RF emissions consistent with the frequency of our device. The AutoAlert Help Button emits a radio frequency (RF) of 312MHz, and it is in compliance with FCC Part 15 restrictions, including those for radiated emissions. Therefore, by governmental standards, we comply with the rules and regulations required of a transmitting device such as ours.

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