Bedford Medical Alert Review & The Best Alternative

This review will help you make an informed decision about subscribing to Bedford Medical Alert and whether Lifeline might be a better alternative medical alert service.

Bedford Medical Alert is a family-run PERS service based in Toronto. It was started by the father of the current CEO as an electronic security company. Bedford offers three “Home Freedom” medical alert devices for seniors: two basic help-at-the-push-of-a-button at home services, the Home Freedom Pendant and Home Freedom Minis, plus Home Freedom Fall Detection. They also offer two “Go Freedom” mobile devices, Go Anywhere and Stay Safe. Its services are payable via a monthly fee.

Bedford’s help calls are answered along with Altech Security Systems alarm calls at multilingual call centres in Canada.

The Benefits of Bedford Medical Alerts Products

Bedford Medical Alerts has been operating in Canada for many years and offers important benefits for seniors and others who are susceptible to falling or other medical emergencies.

  • Bedford is focused exclusively on the needs of seniors except that its call centres also handle security alarm calls. It offers a range of services that benefit seniors who spend most of their time at home and those who are more active and therefore need coverage while they are out in their community.
  • All help calls are answered in Canada on a 24/7 basis with multilingual support. Its devices offer two-way voice communication with its call centres.
  • Bedford does not specify the signal range of its at-home devices except to say that it is “long enough” to cover an average-sized single family home. Its Go Freedom help buttons can work anywhere as long as there is cellular coverage.
  • Bedford offers affordable services with no long term contracts.

What’s Missing?

Those who are considering subscribing to Bedford Medical Alerts should be aware of some important features that are missing.

  • Training: The extent of training received by Bedford’s call centre staff is not specified except to say that staff are “vetted to work with seniors and vulnerable populations.”
  • Specialization: Bedford’s help calls are answered by the same people who answer its owner’s security alarm company’s calls. Answering a help call from a senior who has fallen and can’t get up or who is experiencing chest pain is different than answering a call from a home alarm.
  • Experience: Bedford does not have the depth of experience that some other medical alert providers have. For example, Lifeline has been in business for more than 45 years.
  • Call follow-up: Bedford does not follow up after a help call is received to make sure the customer has actually received the help they need.
  • Helpful resources: Bedford does not offer the helpful educational resources such as fall prevention guides that some other medical alert companies offer.

The Best Alternative To Bedford Medical Alert – Lifeline

If you are thinking about subscribing to Bedford Medical Alert, you owe it to yourself to look into Lifeline as an alternative.

Lifeline is Canada’s leading medical alert service and has specialized in helping seniors and people with chronic illnesses live confidently and independently for more than 45 years. To make sure its customers get the very best in prompt, expert and reliable 24/7 service, Lifeline operates its own Response Centres, one in Toronto and another in Montreal.

There are many reasons why Lifeline is the leader in medical alert services and why it is an excellent alternative to Bedford Medical Alert:

  • 45+ years experience helping the elderly and chronically ill live with independence and dignity in their own homes.
  • Trusted by thousands of Canadian healthcare professionals, hospitals and community agencies.
  • The exclusive focus of Lifeline and its Response Centres is medical alert service – it is not an add-on to a security alarm service. While many calls are related to falls or medical emergencies, Response Centre Associates can also provide valuable reassurance and support if needed.
  • Lifeline offers three levels of services to meet your needs: HomeSafe for 24/7 help-at- the-push-of-a-button at home, HomeSafe with automatic fall detection, and the On the Go mobile service with automatic fall detection and Advanced GPS locating technology.*
  • All help button devices are easy to use and water resistant.
  • Wireless versions are available for HomeSafe and HomeSafe with automatic fall detection so that no landline is needed. The On the Go mobile device uses its own cellular signal.
  • All Lifeline devices provide two-way voice communication with its Response Centres.
  • Lifeline operates its own Response Centres in Toronto and Montreal, which are renowned for providing expert, knowledgeable and caring help in 240 languages.
  • Response Centre staff receive 240 hours of training in how to handle the emergency needs of the elderly and chronically ill.
  • Lifeline Response Centre staff follow up on help calls to make sure help arrives.
  • Superior battery life: The On the Go mobile device battery can last up to 5 days.
  • Lifeline has additional services to help caregivers with a loved one who needs reminders to take their medications. Subscribers can also add optional CheckIn calls to their subscription for additional support.
  • Lifeline has available professional home installation by company representatives who also review the service and features with the customer.
  • All maintenance is included.
  • No need to purchase equipment.
  • Lifeline offers many free resources on its website to help customers and their caregivers stay healthy and reduce stress.
  • Lifeline is the only medical alert service integrated with the healthcare system across Canada, providing resources, support and funding.

Compare Bedford Medical Alert vs. Lifeline

FeaturesLifeline Bedford
24/7 Protection
Exclusive focus on seniors
Standard help at the push of a button
Automatic fall detection
Mobile Service with GPS Technology
Two-way voice communication
More than 45 years of Experience
Has own response centres in Canada(2)
Response Center Exclusive Focus on Seniors
240 hours of training for response centre staffN/A
Follow up to make sure help has arrived
Number of languages240240
No equipment to buySome equipment require purchase
Professional home Installation availableN/A
Maintenance includedN/A
Customer Portal

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Choose Lifeline Over Bedford Medical Alerts

  1. Lifeline has a single-minded focus on the needs of older adults and the chronically ill.
  2. An expanding range of easy-to-use medical alert devices for every budget.
  3. 24/7 service in 240 languages from two Canadian Response Centres.
  4. Knowledgeable, caring Response Centre staff who receive 240 hours of training.
  5. Trusted by thousands of Canadian healthcare professionals.

The Last Word

Bedford Medical Alert is a very good service with a number of benefits, but many people believe that Lifeline has more to offer and is a superior choice. Lifeline has been the leading medical alert service in Canada for decades. It offers you a range of well-designed, reliable, easy-to-use products and, most important of all, excellent customer service from highly- trained, caring staff. You can learn more about Lifeline by calling 1-800- LIFELINE (1-800-543-3546). Be sure to check out the many free resources on the Lifeline website.

Learn More About Our Medical Alert Systems

Lifeline base, wristband, and pendant


Our most affordable system. Get access to help 24/7 at the push of a button.

  • Use at home
  • Pendant or wristband
  • Two-way voice
Lifeline HomeSafe base & pendant

HomeSafe with Fall Detection

Can automatically call for help if it detects a fall.

  • Use at home
  • Pendant
  • Automatic Fall Detection
Lifeline base & pendant

On the Go

Mobile medical alert system with GPS gives you freedom to be safe while on the go.

  • Use away or at home
  • Automatic Fall Detection
  • 5 Locating technologies

MedReady Medication Dispenser

A simple and automated way to manage medications.

  • Dispenses doses at scheduled times
  • Monitored by Lifeline
  • Caregiver alerted if doses are missed