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Philips Lifeline Senior Living Solutions provide a complete line of resident safety products, software and monitoring services specifically designed for Senior Living communities. Our focus is on the safety, health and wellness of residents and staff productivity in independent living, assisted living, supportive housing and aging-in-place facilities. From installation to employee training and service, we provide the level of reliability, support and service you expect from a national leader.

Philips Lifeline Response Centre

Carepoint on-site emergency call system

State-of-the-art resident safety system built upon a proven wireless infrastructure to provide coverage throughout an entire campus. Scalable, reliable and cost-effective.

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CarePoint Resident Safety System

Outsourced emergency call system

Residents can always be assured their calls will be answered by highly trained and caring Response Associates who will get them the help they need.

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Hosted on-site emergency call system

A hybrid, in-suite emergency call system with calls going directly to a smartphone carried by staff.

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Blue Willow cloud-based platform

A revolutionary Resident Care System featuring real-time locating data, fall detection, advanced analytics and reporting.

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Sunrise is proud to be the first Seniors Supportive Housing in the Region of Durham and that pride stems from the fact that we can boast that all our clients on the Supportive Housing Program have the technology of the Lifeline System, with the 6600 component together with their Lifeline pendant, in the comfort of their homes. The Lifeline System’s response centre is located within the staff room and is invaluable in its ability to record and process the data of all calls. The staff are equipped with a pager that picks up all calls regardless of their location in the Sunrise building and can respond immediately. This is also a great tool to monitor the clients progress and assist the Program Manager to update the type of care requirements and intervention schedule that each individual client may require. The ongoing assessment help that the Lifeline System provides to the manager, also serves to provide the client with optimum independence in their lives.
I have no reservations in promoting the Lifeline System to all and any organizations that wish to provide to their clients the same reassurance that only the Lifeline System provides. The Program Director and Manager researched many types of response technologies during the planning stages of this Program and Lifeline proved to be by far the leader in the area of oversight, safety, and above all provided seniors with the security of knowing that there is hope for their independence.

Sunrise Seniors Place

Oshawa, Ontario

The Leamington Mennonite Home is pleased to have introduced the Lifeline System to our complex. The reassurance which the system provides for staff, residents and families is a tremendous service enhancement to our facility and surrounding complex.
The system enables our Home to respond quickly, efficiently and accurately to the personal needs of the 250 plus residents living in our complex. The quality of life of our residents has been secured, and strengthened, through this remarkable system.

The Leamington Mennonite Home and Apartments

Leamington, Ontario

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